Weeknotes 2014-51

Finished my last class for the year, just in time before the holidays. Can’t believe I actually finished CS50x – Harvard’s Introduction to Computer Science, it was quite challenging and time consuming, but I did it. I submitted my final project mere days before the looming deadline, and can’t wait to get my certificate.

We’re leaving London tomorrow, will only be back for a few days in Jan, and then off to California!

The new year will bring new challenges, and it will probably be some time before I work on another course. I have more practical things to learn now :-)

Nevertheless, here’s a video of my final project, an iOS 8 today widget, written in Swift: Dinner Tonight provides quick and easy access to daily dinner recipe suggestions based on the Epicurious.com RSS feed, with an option to toggle between the latest recipe and a random recipe. It was fun to try and learn Swift, and I think I got a good understanding while writing the app. A tutorial on Xebia.com helped me get started, as well as several tutorials on Raywenderlich.com Have a look: