Human-Computer Interaction

As part of my Summer University Courses for this year, I have enrolled in Human-Computer Interaction at Coursera. I think it’s quite fascinating to learn about the principles of visual design and techniques for prototyping and evaluating multiple interface alternatives — and why that’s essential to excellent interaction design.

As part of the course I will be conducting fieldwork with people to get design ideas, create interactive mock-ups – and use these designs to get feedback. The main goal is to build human-centered design skills, and the principles and methods to create excellent interfaces with any technology.

Through a series of six assignments that build on each other, I hope to complete a design project. The scope of this project is to design a web-based service or application, accessible through a mobile or desktop web browser, that meets a user need.

The design brief I have chosen is ‘Change’

The mission: Design an interface that facilitates personal or social behavior change.

We’ve all been there: We know we should be eating more healthily, and generally we enjoy home cooked food – but after a busy day at work we just didn’t have time to plan dinner and come up with ideas, so we go for convenience food, the same old staples that we’ve always made, or even a take out dinner that’s neither good for our health nor for our wallet. If only we had thought about it in time, found a recipe suggestion and made a shopping list before we left the office – based on our personal preferences and dietary requirements of course – it could have been easy to pick up some ingredients and cook a healthy dinner at home.

So this will be my focus for the course: Helping people find healthy food choices and prepare home cooked dinners.

I will post my assignments for the course on this page.

Update September 19th, 2014: I received my Certificate of Accomplishment with Distinction – achieved 100% for this course. Ultimately, though, this was about so much more than the certificate, first and foremost a fantastic learning experience.